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Safer products make a better world – Biosafe

The story of Biosafe began with the international Biosafe Paper project, which aimed to develop safety testing for paper and cardboard products in packaging materials, because legal requirements for plastics are not applicable to these products. The project led to a whole company, which also began to provide other biotechnological services and consultations.

Since then, our company has grown steadily at an annual rate of 50%. We are a Contract Research Organization that employs professionals from various fields with wide experience in scientific and practical laboratory work and bioanalysis. We are continuously building an international network of specialists and experts to provide our customers with better service.


Our consulting professors are specialized in the European Food Safety Authorities (EFSA) guidance and requirements. Their role is truly significant, since the interpretation of EFSA’s guidelines are at the heart of our work.


Biosafe’s role in bringing clean and safe food to the table

Our customers, such as the manufacturers of feed additives and biopesticides, and their products require marketing authorization which, in turn, needs numerous safety tests and assessments. The basic requirements come from legislation. In addition, EFSA has developed more specific guidelines that need to be followed in our research processes.

New food products are constantly being developed. Animal welfare and meat consumption are a popular talking point, and demand for different vegetarian foods is increasing. Biosafe performs product safety assessments as early as in the product development stage, where research results guide development in a way that only safe products are taken forward in the development process. In this way, our customers avoid unnecessary costs and focus on promising products.

Nevertheless, both in the product development and application phases, anything can happen: additional questions and different interpretations might arise for the guidance in question. Our role at Biosafe is to understand how EFSA might interpret the case at hand. Thanks to our expertise and long-term customer relationships, we have a vast amount of reference material available.

We also organize training sessions and regularly attend EFSA events in order to understand how to interpret their recommendations. Our main concern is to ensure our customers are able to bring their products to the market and to dining tables of European consumers, safely and within reasonable timeframes.


Biosafe is a trusted partner

With our comprehensive range of services, Biosafe acts as a one-stop-shop for all our customers’ biosafety needs. We work in close collaboration with several consultants who work closely with the European Commission. We have extensive knowledge in legislation and EFSA requirements, and we have the knowhow for offering consultations and solutions to our customers on more than one issue at a time. This wide range of services often saves customers’ time and money. Each of our processes has a definitive purpose—we are lean and cost-efficient, and the customer can trust that the quality of our services meets the necessary requirements.

Biosafe is robustly competitive in the field of biosafety. Our range of services is broad, but we also specialize in areas where competition is low. While our service capabilities are extensive, we are small enough to be easily approached, allowing us to be agile in our delivery. Often, customers contact us directly via email. Usually, they have heard us from another customer or consultant and received good recommendations.

We keep our customers close to us, with in-depth discussion and collaboration. We make sure that we understand the researched product closely. Only thus can we help and guide our customers in the right direction. We have a solid team and knowledgeable people, and we invest in learning continuously. Our customers trust us, and we want to be an understanding and helpful partner. This is vital for us, because all relationships, especially those with successful customers, are deeply based on trust.

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Published: 20.03.2020

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