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Biosafe helps new sustainable food & feed solutions get approved and reach the European market. From laboratory to legislation to the latest intelligence.

Biosafe is based in Kuopio, Finland, where our ISO 17025-accredited laboratory serves customers worldwide with extensive microbiological, in vitro toxicological and molecular biological work for food safety assessment. Our roots are in the academic world. The key consultants at Biosafe are university professors with strong scientific backgrounds and extensive experience in EU scientific committees and panels. Our consulting team is made up of highly qualified professionals with specific expertise in various fields of modern biotechnology.

We advise clients on a wide range of matters involving the European bioeconomy and microbiological regulatory environment, foreseeing upcoming requirements and providing services designed to meet them while adopting technologies like genome sequencing and custom PCR analyses. 

We offer a one-stop shop from EFSA compliance consultation to scientific safety assessment for microorganisms or products derived from microbial fermentation. Accurate results with fast turnaround. Applications include but are not limited to novel foods and food enzymes, feed additives, plant protection products, biotherapeutics and cosmetics.



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We help our customers develop safer products and solutions — all around the world.

We help our customers develop safer products and solutions — all around the world.

How people describe us

"Biosafe provides great extra ideas with professional answers, analysis methods, and research on literature when necessary. They always search for any required information and make sure it is accepted."
"I appreciate the ability to have an open discussion with the Biosafe team members. We share details, opinions, and the understanding to advance together on mutual terms."
"Biosafe has a great team of scientists who you can build a long-term relationship with."

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