Additional services

Biosafe Ltd laboratory is well equipped for microbiological, in vitro toxicological and molecular biological work. Besides the services we have described above, we are able to help with other studies or tests as well, as long as they are within our technological reach. We often help in finding a third laboratory for analyses that we cannot perform at Biosafe Ltd.

Our services also include basic microbiological analyses, such as CFU counts from a sample, gram staining and other phenotypic tests for the identification of microorganisms; custom PCR analyses; in vitro toxicological analyses; and chemical analysis for secondary metabolites (through our partners).

Safety Assessment of Packaging Materials

There is currently no European legislation that specifically regulates the packaging material safety testing of paper and cardboard products, and the instructions on plastics are not applicable to the products. The solution we offer is biotesting that uses the methods developed and validated in the BiosafePaper project, in which 80% of the European paper and cardboard industry participated.

Our tests provide you with reliable information on whether significant amounts of harmful substances are released from the packaging material when in contact with food products. The results also indicate possible interactions between different substances. Samples can be produced and examined to reflect the normal exposure of the users or consumers.


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