Supporting scientific publications

Elevate your scientific impact with Biosafe’s expertise.

At Biosafe, we understand the pivotal role scientific publications play in advancing research, influencing industry standards, and shaping regulatory landscapes.

Our service dedicated to supporting scientific publications offers a robust platform for researchers, companies, and institutions aiming to highlight their innovative work in the realms of food and feed safety, microbial innovation, and biotechnological advancements.

Why Biosafe


  • Regulatory expertise and academic experience: Our team comprises university professors and professionals who are not just versed in the science but have also contributed to the body of knowledge with peer-reviewed research. 

    We provide valuable context and implications of your research findings in relation to current regulations and guidelines.

  • Comprehensive support: From drafting publications to providing independent expert opinions, and monitoring industry activities, we offer end-to-end support to ensure your research gets the recognition it deserves.

    Our strategic approach to scientific writing and publication ensures your research reaches a wide audience, maximizing its impact and utility.

  • Customised solutions: Whether it’s introducing a new taxonomic unit or presenting breakthrough research findings, our services are tailored to meet your unique publication needs. 

    We work closely with you throughout the publication process, from conceptualization to submission, ensuring your vision and scientific integrity are preserved.

Our services:

  1. Writing scientific publications: We specialise in crafting high-quality, peer-reviewed papers that effectively communicate your research findings. Our expertise spans across drafting comprehensive reviews, research articles, and short communications tailored for high-impact journals.

  2. Independent expert opinions: Leverage the credibility and authority of our seasoned experts to add weight to your scientific discourse. We provide independent opinions and reviews that can significantly bolster the presentation and reception of your research.

  3. Industry activity reporting: Stay ahead in your field with our follow-up and reporting services on the latest activities of relevant industrial organizations. We keep you updated on emerging trends, regulatory changes, and scientific advancements.

  4. Advancing science: Our commitment to scientific excellence is demonstrated through our continuous contributions to peer-reviewed research. Partnering with Biosafe not only aids in publishing your work but also contributes to the broader scientific community by advancing knowledge and innovation.


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