Europe's leading CRO in
food and feed safety

Europe's leading Contract Research Organization in the safety assessment of microbial food and feed products.



Biosafe helps new sustainable food & feed solutions get approved and reach the European market. From laboratory to legislation to the latest intelligence.

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Biosafe - Sequencing and bioinformatics services

Genome sequencing and bioinformatics

Our professionals are vastly experienced in whole-genome sequencing and our pipeline is optimized to fulfil the safety assessment requirements of EFSA whether it's analyzing DNA for GMOs, AMR or anything else. 

Biosafe - consulting services

EU regulatory consulting

We have extensive expertise and experience in what the EU, the European Commission and EFSA demand of the safety of industrial microbiology products. Our consulting team can advise you on a wide range of topics on food safety and guide what you should be doing next.

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We help our customers develop safer products and solutions — all around the world.

We help our customers develop safer products and solutions — all around the world.

See our all-inclusive guide to getting your product assessed for safety and approved for launch.

How people describe us

"I appreciate the ability to have an open discussion with the Biosafe team members. We share details, opinions, and the understanding to advance together on mutual terms."
"Biosafe has a great team of scientists who you can build a long-term relationship with."
"Biosafe provides great extra ideas with professional answers, analysis methods, and research on literature when necessary. They always search for any required information and make sure it is accepted."

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