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Close co-operation: the key to customer satisfaction

Observe. Pay attention. Co-operate. At Biosafe, we take our customers’ needs to heart. Listening and truly understanding what our customers require – ranging from regulatory information and help in EU approvals to consultancy and more – is vital for not only our clients and us, but the future of food safety in general.

That’s why recently we set up a development think tank with a chosen group of Biosafe customers. In a tight combination of interviews and surveys, we wanted to map out the key factors our customer base values in helping their product reach a successful market entry. This enlightening session also helped in highlighting areas of further development, while simultaneously deepening the understanding of our customers’ specific needs.

From regulations to approval

One of the common areas our customers require help in is regulatory needs. An increasingly complex field on a global scale – particularly with the food sector – the demand for regulations has increased notably during the last five years. At Biosafe, we provide detailed and specific regulatory information to help our customers in need. More often than not, the possibility for resourcing these tasks in-house proves to be a difficult challenge. That is why our specific knowledge at Biosafe carries importance: it saves both our customers’ time and smoothens their product’s journey to prosperous market entry.

A great example of this is our help in EU approvals. One of Biosafe’s customers required EU approval for food enzymes. According to the customer, “The strength of EU knowledge Biosafe possesses is on another level, they understand the ins and outs of the entire process.” Similarly, providing expertise in DNA testing and ad-hoc consultancy were other areas our customers held in high regard.

An additional hand in registration processes

At Biosafe, we also provide help to serve our customers’ clients – particularly in registration processes. Typically, these involve laboratory tests and screenings, but a lot of clients also request to prepare an entire registration dossier, which also calls for analytical and laboratory work. This is where Biosafe steps in to help. Our specific lab expertise allows our customers to respond quickly to their clients and answer their needs

Warm relationship of swift communication

Listening to our customers is, of course, crucial, but equally important is also the ability to uphold swift and helpful communication. Biosafe’s team of experts garnered a lot of praise for their warm and diligent work ethic. Heard from a customer: “Reliable, high-quality work matched by responsive and friendly communication is something we truly appreciate. For our clients, getting a fast reply is an important thing.”

Naturally, this was good to hear. After all, leaving customers to feel they are in safe hands is equally important to us. And knowing that all this supports a safer future of food with better products makes it all the more vital.


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Published: 16.06.2020

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