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Your guide on the journey to EU market authorisation

Liisa Rimpiläinen is Biosafe’s Business Development Manager, responsible for sales and customer relationships. She is originally a pharmacist by education with a background in social pharmacy and the pharmaceutical industry.


“Microbiology is familiar from my years of pharmacological studies, but my focus as of late has been the nurture of customer relationships. The work Biosafe does with food chains on an international scale was so interesting though that I could not resist challenging myself in such a new opportunity.”


In her work, Liisa is in contact with a diverse range of clients who require assistance applying for EU market authorisation.

There are many things to consider in the authorisation process, often ones of which customers may not be aware. Getting authorisation in the European Union is a journey and Liisa guides clients through all stages of it. Biosafe is there to help companies with a multitude of laboratory and legal consultation services. Our experts are constantly monitoring the changing legislation in the industry and know what needs to be taken into account, researched, and proved for new products to enter the European market.


“All the people we work with are Professionals with a capital P, so it is a great pleasure to work with such a team. Everyone who works for us has impressed me with their knowledge and professionalism.”


Biosafe is specialized in testing microbial strains and products derived from microbial fermentation used in the food chain, like feed additives, food enzymes, probiotics, biopesticides or microbial novel foods.


“One thing that is very interesting now on the novel food side is the production of different meat substitutes. There is a definite planetary challenge that needs to be addressed and novel alternatives to meat could have a tremendous impact. The main issues are the growing population and the food supply, the ever-decreasing land area for food production and of course the ethical aspects of animal production. In addition to plant-based substitutes, there are a variety of innovative microbial solutions being developed, for example through microbial fermentation. The food we eat and how it gets to our plates will be very different in the years to come. All of it must first go through a process of deeming it safe to eat and safe for the planet. That’s where Biosafe comes in.”


The registration of regulated products may be a long and difficult process. The Biosafe laboratory in Kuopio, Finland is well equipped for microbiological, in vitro toxicological, and molecular biological work. Our bioinformatics services also provide genome-based safety assessments of microorganisms. We serve customers from all over the world, and our services are designed to fulfil the requirements of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). Biosafe can support you through your product development and authorization process by offering all the safety assessment tests and consulting you require.


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Published: 14.06.2022

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