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What’s in store for 2021

In the spirit of transparency, we wanted to shine a light on this year and what is happening at Biosafe too.

We’ve had an increasing number of new interesting and challenging projects since the beginning of the year and we’ve been very happy to serve each and every one of you.

In the laboratory, we have had various products to analyse and thanks to the amazing expertise of our researchers, suitable protocols have ultimately been found for all of them.

As one of our project managers said to a customer of ours: “we will get it working sooner or later, as we always do!”

Help with new EU regulation

We believe the application of the Transparency Regulation on March 27th will be a major change in the field. The regulation will change current practices and in spite of the EFSA’s best efforts, there are still many grey areas that don’t have definitive answers.

Biosafe will do its best to support you in navigating the notification process, for example by arranging seminars on the topic, and collecting and sharing experiences to make the process clearer for everyone.


Speaking of seminars, we’re glad to say our seminar series will continue in March to May, and this time they are free! In addition to the above-mentioned transparency regulation, the new topics include fascinating areas like in vitro efficacy studies, antimicrobial resistance and microbiome research. Follow our site and social media channels to get notified of the latest seminar.


Our next seminar is on Wednesday, March 10th 9.00 CET:

  • Transparency Regulation & the registration of microbial products in the EU — what you need to know; Speaker: Dr. Eliana Henriquez-Rodrigues, Pen&Tec
  • In vitro efficacy studies; Speaker: Dr. Jouni Heikkinen, Biosafe

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International summits

Amid the pandemic, our laboratory has continued to function normally, and our experts are working partially remotely. Like you, we are looking forward to returning to normal life, and we hope to meet all of you in person in events later this year. We are at least aiming to be in Geneva at the FeedInfo Summit on October 27th–28th 2021.

European cooperation

Even though we aren’t seeing each other physically as much, we aim to be more integrated to our friends all over Europe. Since 2020, we have been active members of EuropaBio, Europe's largest and most influential biotech industry group, and we will continue advocating biotechnology and fluent product registration processes from that position.

Work at Biosafe?

For us, 2021 is looking busier than ever. Remote work has luckily not hindered us in any way, and if and when the pandemic subsides, we hope to see a lot of new faces. We have two new people starting work in our laboratory next week and later in the year we are looking to hire an expert to join our international team. If international work in the biochemistry field is your thing, stay tuned! We have made it a goal of ours that work at Biosafe is motivating and meaningful for all our employees (and we seem to be succeeding too, according to our internal survey). Thankfully there’s so much happening in the field that there’s no time to get complacent.

We hope you have been safe during this time and that we will soon get to have new, transparent conversations, face-to-face even.


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Published: 10.02.2021

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