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A recap of two novel food innovation summits in San Francisco

Recently, Biosafe had the opportunity to participate in two exciting summits in San Francisco: the 3rd Fermentation-Enabled Alternative Protein Summit and Future Food-Tech 2023. These conferences brought together industry leaders, scientists, and entrepreneurs with a shared passion for novel food innovation and sustainable food solutions.

Consumer trends and sustainability

Throughout the conferences, there were many discussions on current consumer trends and the need for more sustainable food production. Consumers expect new foods to have good taste, texture, and affordability. Companies also want their products to be healthier and more nutritious alternatives to traditional food options. The goal is to move towards "clean labels," where products do not contain unnecessary additives.

Sustainability was also a key theme in the discussions. How can new foods be produced in an environmentally friendly and resource-efficient way? This was especially important when considering the future of food production and its impact on the environment.

Looking towards the future

There was a clear message from both conferences that action needs to be taken now to create more sustainable and resilient food system.

The focus was on utilizing the tools and opportunities available to develop better, more multi-dimensional products. These products must be not only healthy but also delicious and appealing to consumers.

Experiencing the future of food

In addition to attending insightful discussions and presentations, Biosafe had the opportunity to explore the exhibitions and sample novel food innovation products from start-up companies. Among the products tasted were a plant-based filet mignon by Impossible Foods, Mellody plant-based honey by MeliBio, and plant-based tuna by Current Foods.

Biosafe's contribution

As experts in food safety and regulatory compliance, Biosafe is proud to have participated in these conferences. In the breakout session titled "Overcoming Regulatory Obstacles: Securing Approval to Get Products to EU and Other Markets" by Dr Pauliina Halimaa, participants were asked about their perception of EU food legislation. Many responded with words like complex, difficult, EFSA, GMO status, slow, complicated, strict, and draconian. This highlights the need for companies to have a strong understanding of the regulatory landscape to ensure novel food authorization and EU regulatory approval are easier and more straightforward. More on Dr Pauliina Halimaa's presentation here.

Biosafe is committed to supporting our clients in developing innovative and sustainable food solutions that meet regulatory requirements and ensure food safety. With our expertise in regulatory compliance, we can help companies navigate the complex regulatory landscape, making the process of bringing novel foods to market smoother and more efficient.

Overall, these conferences were a valuable experience for Biosafe and the entire food innovation industry. They provided an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and learn about the latest trends, technologies, and innovations shaping the future of food.


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Published: 20.04.2023

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