Cellular agriculture provides diverse opportunities for future food production

Emilia Nordlund, Research manager at VTT Ltd, Industrial biotechnology and Food


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Cellular agriculture provides diverse opportunities for future food production

This presentation will open up how biotechnology can be used for food production. The different elements of cellular agriculture will be defined, including microbial and algal biomass, cultivated meat and plant cell cultures, as well as precision fermentation to produce proteins, lipids and other food ingredients. The opportunities and barriers of cellular agriculture are discussed as part of the presentation.

Emilia Nordlund, Research manager at VTT Ltd, Industrial biotechnology and Food

Emilia’s ambition is to generate well-being to people and environment by innovative solutions based on food and biotechnology research. As a Research Manager at VTT Ltd, she manages the research portfolio related to industrial biotechnology and food solutions, and in those strategic research and innovation areas, she contributes to development of solutions that can generate impact to the industry and society. Her scientific expertise is in plant based ingredient and food technologies, and development of novel food processing concepts for efficient and sustainable food chain. She has explored how cellular agriculture, i.e. biotechnical food production can be used for future food production, and currently she is coordinating Food without Fields project funded by Catch the Carbon program of Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Finland. Moreover, she has studied new ways to support healthy eating by developing new concepts for personalized food delivery and eating. Emilia is eager to rethink the existing processes from the beginning and develop even disruptive technologies to build a sustainable and wellbeing society for all the continents on the planet.

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