Safety assessment of feed additives at different stages of product development

The European Union requires a complicated feed additive safety assessment process for the authorisation of feed additives. Biosafe provides safety assessments particularly for microbiologically or biotechnologically produced feed additive. Our experts know which safety evaluations are required for additives, which allows for sensible and cost-effective planning of the required analyses. In addition to biotesting, we use modern deep sequencing techniques and provide an extensive account of the qualities of the feed or production microbe already at the early stages of product development by applying genome-based safety assessment.

Confirming the effectiveness and efficacy of feed additives is an expensive and laborious process. In fact, implementing efficacy tests for food intended for pets might even be practically impossible. We are introducing metabolic profiling, also known as metabolomics, as a new method for evaluating the efficacy of additives.

Metabolomics refers to recognising the products being produced in the metabolism and determining their concentrations, e.g. in blood or urine samples. The analysis involves using a single measurement to collect data on up to thousands of metabolites, which allows obtaining an extremely extensive view of the animals’ well-being – and at the same time also the effectiveness and safety of feed additives.

We are able to meet even the most demanding customer needs flexibly with the help of Biosafe’s wide cooperation and partnership network both in Finland and abroad. Many additives whose safety has been confirmed by Biosafe have been authorised by the European Union.

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Ready-made service packages:

Assessment of additive safety:

  • Toxicology and microbiology
    • recognition of microbes
    • cytotoxicity
    • genotoxicity
    • determination of antibiotic resistance
  • PCR-based analyses
    • determination of recombinant DNA in feed additives
    • evaluation of genetic stability
  • Whole genome sequencing and bioinformatics service
    • comprehensive survey of microbe characteristics (incl. microbe identification, analysis of toxin genes, virulence factors and antibiotic resistance genes)

Demonstrating the efficacy of additives:

  • Microbiological analyses to demonstrate efficacy


Expert services:

  • Consultations and statements
  • Literature reviews
  • Analyses of results and conclusions on customer data
  • Presentation of findings in the form required by the authorities

Safety assessment of additives allows you to:

Quicker entry
to the market

  • One stop for all up-to-date and cost-effective services related to the authorisation process
  • Solid experience of the EFSA authorisation procedure and legal requirements guarantee quick progress of the authorisation process
  • Testing and consultations at the initial product development stage minimises any missteps of product development
cost savings

  • Focusing all assessment processes on us allows you to avoid unnecessary testing
  • Tailored preliminary testing ensures the correct assessment process
  • Gradual progress of the investigations from the most inexpensive to the most demanding tests

  • Comprehensive examinations can help avoiding unexpected risks
  • The examinations ensure feed additive safety and efficacy
  • Consultations on the test results and their meanings
Make use of
our expertise

  • The experts at Biosafe know the EFSA requirements
  • Feed additives are tested according to the relevant standards
  • Reports related to authorisation application are prepared in the form approved by the EFSA

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