Your guide to European food and feed safety

Your all-inclusive guide to getting your product assessed for safety and approved for launch.





To help customers develop safe products 

  • We help our customers in product development and authorization process to enable efficient, quick and smooth market access

  • Focus on microbes used as such or as production organisms


  • Deep knowledge of legislation and EFSA guidance requirements

  • Long experience in laboratory in vitro- and bioinformatic analyses

  • Services designed to comply with the requirements of the food safety authorities

Business areas


Feed additives


Food enzymes


Novel foods and food microbes


Plant protection products


+ microbes used in other applications
Professional expertise in food safety assessment, laboratory research, and EU legislation.

Decades of experience in food safety assessment, laboratory research, and EU legislation

We are a contract research organisation (CRO) specialising in European safety assessments of microbial foods, feed additives, food enzymes, probiotics or biopesticides and professional consultation on successful market entry into the EU.



EU regulations require new products to be assessed for safety before they enter the European market. We can support you at all steps in the process, whether it's early-stage laboratory research or seeking approval for an already developed product.

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Manage risks with professional guidance

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