Celebrating a Decade of
Innovation in Food Safety with Biosafe

In 2024, we are commemorating a decade of dedication and innovation in the dynamic world of food safety.
Join us in our celebration of ten years of groundbreaking work in this crucial field!



Throughout 2024, we'll be sharing our story, highlighting key milestones and achievements in a special blog series, which you can follow here.

We're excited to announce an event, where you can engage with our experts, exchange views with industry colleagues, and celebrate our journey together 🎉

The event will be held in Helsinki in May.  

Join us as we embark on the next chapter of our journey, continuing to innovate and lead in food safety.

Here's to the next decade of making a safer future in food and feed!



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At Biosafe, we’re dedicated to helping you navigate the complex landscape of sustainable food and feed solutions in Europe. With a team of experienced experts in modern biotechnology, we offer comprehensive consulting services, anticipate regulatory changes, and employ cutting-edge technologies. We provide accurate results in microbial safety assessment with rapid turnaround time and EFSA compliant reports.

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Pauliina Halimaa
Managing Director, PhD

+358 40 640 3225



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