Ensured quality – Controlled processes – Standing out in the global market

Biosafe Biological Safety Solutions Ltd is a contract research organisation (CRO) at the absolute cutting edge of safety applications in biotechnology. The company has acquired its strong competence in biotechnology in the global environment. Our core competence includes cell and molecular biology, biotechnology, toxicology and bioinformatics. The company’s mission is to promote product safety and replace animal testing with diverse biotests and other biotechnological solutions. We bring added value to our customers by ensuring quality, controlling the processes of bioinformation management and help our customers to stand out in the market.

Biosafe’s biotests ensure product safety

No separate testing of individual chemicals contained by a project or even knowledge of its composition is required in biotesting. The results also present any possible interactions of different substances. Samples can be produced and examined in a way corresponding with the actual everyday exposure of users or consumers. The versatile analyses produce the maximum amount of information within a reasonable time and at reasonable rates. The analyses can replace or at least complement the traditionally used toxicological approaches, such as chemical analytics and animal testing. We act in accordance with ethical principles. We do not perform tests on animals or conduct trials with human test subjects; instead, we utilise bacterial and mammalian cells in our examinations. Our work is confidential and we follow a quality system in accordance with the SFS-EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard.