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Biosafe at the Fermentation-Enabled Alternative Protein Summit 31.1. - 2.2.2023

We are excited to announce our participation in the 3rd annual Fermentation-Enabled Alternative Protein Summit in San Francisco.

As the global demand for sustainable and quality protein sources continues to rise, the fermentation-enabled alternative protein space is experiencing a surge in investment. However, navigating the complex regulatory landscape in Europe can be a daunting task for companies looking to enter the market. That's where Biosafe comes in. Biosafe is a leading European partner specialising in food and feed authorisation and compliance with EU legislation.

As the only industry-led forum uniting the entire biomass and precision fermentation ecosystem, this summit is an excellent opportunity for Biosafe to showcase our expertise and connect with key decision-makers from biotech and food tech companies that are looking to enter the EU market with their precision-fermented alternative protein products.


Don't let the complexity of EU regulations hold you back from entering your precision fermented products into the European market

With over a decade of experience in European food and feed legislation and a specialized focus on novel foods, especially precision fermented ones, Biosafe has the expertise and knowledge to guide your company through the EU's authorization process. We can help your company understand and comply with EU regulations, such as those related to novel food and feed, GMOs.

Biosafe is well-equipped to help you in scaling and successfully commercializing your products with speed to market. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your company succeed in the EU.



Meet us on 31.1–2.2. in San Francisco!


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Pauliina Halimaa, PhD
Managing Director, Biosafe

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Liisa Rimpiläinen

Business Development Manager, Biosafe

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Published: 16.01.2023

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