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Biosafe is now a member of EuropaBio

We are glad to announce that we have been accepted as an associate member of EuropaBio, Europe’s largest and most influential biotech industry organization.

On September 3, 2020, Biosafe Oy was accepted as a member of EuropaBio, Europe’s largest and most influential biotech industry organization.

EuropaBio aims to actively promote the competitiveness of the EU biotech industry by ethical and socially responsible means. EuropaBio has a direct dialogue with both the European Parliament and the Commission. EuropaBio’s three main areas of activity include healthcare, industrial, and agriculture and food biotechnology.

EuropaBio represents 81 corporate and associate members, as well as regional biotechnology players and 15 national biotechnology organizations, representing more than 1 800 biotechnology SMEs across Europe. From Finland, the organization includes the Finnish Bioindustry Association as a national industry association and one Finnish bioindustrial company as an associate member. Biosafe Oy is the second Finnish company to be accepted as an associate member.

Biosafe Oy is a Kuopio-based company offering laboratory and consultation services. The company’s core expertise is to investigate the safety and to help authorize new ingredients developed by food and feed industry customers.  Most of our customers are global companies, and about 95% of our turnover comes from outside Finland. We help our customers commercialize products on the European market that require the prior approval of the Commission, including food enzymes, novel foods and feed additives. The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has developed detailed guidance on the safety studies required for such approval. “We specialize in such safety studies,” explains Pauliina Halimaa, CEO of Biosafe Oy, “we work with companies and authorities and ensure that the studies submitted for authorization can receive a favorable decision from EFSA.”

Even before being accepted as a member of EuropaBio, Biosafe has been invited to participate in several working groups of EuropaBio. The issues that have been raised relate to the far-reaching problems identified in the legislation and its interpretations, with a view to finding lasting solutions. “It has been eye-opening how strong competitors are acting together and finding common grounds for important issues affecting the future,” says Halimaa. Biosafe is proud of its membership and is grateful for the opportunity to actively contribute to the development and success of European biotechnology.

More information about the EuropaBio network is available here: https://www.europabio.org/

For any questions or collaborations, please contact our Biosafe team.



Published: 03.09.2020

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