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Our next development project will focus on strategic growth

This year will be one of strategic growth projects. To achieve our growth goals, we wanted to understand our customers even better and work more closely together to know the areas that we should focus our development efforts on. We want to be the best partner for our customers. Growth does not happen by itself, planning is required. On this basis, we have found new growth paths and new ways of developing sustainably. We interviewed our customers a few months ago about what they think of working with us and how we have added value to their business. The feedback we have received is encouraging. 

An important part of the development project is to make our services and products easier to reach. The goal is for the content of the services to be designed and easily customizable according to customer needs. We are redesigning our processes and the path to doing business with us will become even smoother. We also believe we can create new, more strategic networks in new markets around the world.

We are pleased that we have also received external support for the growth project from the ELY Centre (Finnish Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment) and from the European Regional Development Fund.

The situation in the world is changing right now into a more volatile one. Even though we are watching events unfold in Europe with trepidation like everyone else, our faith in the future is strong.


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