The development of Biosafe Ltd into a global pioneer in biosafety services

Biosafe Paper as the company’s first major milestone

The Biosafe Paper project, which was launched in early 2000s, was an important milestone for the company. The project developed biotesting methods, particularly for the assessment of the safety of food contact packaging. The extensive Biosafe Paper project was participated by 80% of European paper and cardboard manufacturers. The biotesting methods developed in the project can also be used in other industries. Biosafe Ltd is involved in developing an increasingly safe packaging ecosystem. The goal of the Packaging Valley project is to elevate Finland’s packing ecosystem to the top of the world and bring added value to its customers in selected overall solutions. Biotesting is used to develop new methods for assessing and communicating about the overall safety of a product as well as its packaging and the benefits brought to the customer.

Company specialised in safety assessments of feed additives

Another major milestone of the company is its specialisation in the safety assessment of feed additives in the global environment. The use of different feed additives aims at optimising the nutrient intake of productive livestock, reducing related environmental harm and maintaining the animals’ health. The European Union regulates the safety and sales of animal feed with a marketing authorisation procedure. We help our customers with any issues related to the safety of microbiologically or biotechnologically produced feed additives. Bioinformatics and metabolomics provide increasingly profitable solutions for the development and safety assessment of animal feed additives. Advanced bioinformatics allow genome-based safety assessment (whole genome sequencing and genome analysis) as comprehensive investigation of microbe characteristics.

Metabolomics as one of the latest approaches for exploring product efficacy

We apply metabolomics as a new and innovative approach for determining the efficacy of additives. Metabolomics is concerned with the products of the metabolism as well as their consistency and impacts on the growth and health of an animal. The company is able to meet even the most demanding customer needs flexibly with the help of Biosafe’s wide cooperation and partnership network both in Finland and abroad.