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Having extensive expertise and experience in the safety assessment of industrial microbiology products, Biosafe Ltd is often approached by researchers, start-up companies and also by established companies for independent, professional advice and expert opinions on a wide range of topics. This will help the customers to overcome their barriers smoothly and to move forward in their specific area of interest without unnecessary delays. Outsourcing can speed up significantly data collection, reviewing, presentation and decision-making process.


The key consultants at the Biosafe are university professors with strong scientific background and extensive experience in EU scientific committees and panels. In addition, the consulting team consists of highly qualified professionals with specific expertise in various fields of modern biology. Below are examples of the consultation activities:
  • Project planning and product development
  • Acting as a link between customers and regulatory bodies
  • Regulatory compliance consulting (e.g. gap analyses)
  • Application and dossier submission assistance (preparation, submission, answering questions from regulatory or evaluation bodies)
  • Independent expert opinions
  • Literature reviews (currently not “systematic reviews”)
  • Writing scientific publications (e.g. introduction of a new taxonomic unit)
  • Follow-up and reporting on activities of relevant industrial organisations
The documents delivered by Biosafe Ltd will be prepared in a form that complies to the specific requirements of the customers.


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Food enzyme dossier preparation

The European Commission (EC) assesses new food enzymes based on dossiers that must be professionally filed in applications.


ELS (Extensive literature search)

An extensive literature search (ELS) provides evidence on the safety of the feed additive under authorised conditions of use as per EFSA Guidance.

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