Press release 3 April 2017


The European Committee for Standardization (CEN) is ordering an industry standard for the assessment of additives in animal feed from Biosafe Ltd. Biosafe Ltd will produce a common approach for obtaining the genetic “fingerprints” of feed additives. The industry standard will enable improved assessment of feed additives. In the future, the entire European feed industry will use the same standardised methods in the assessment of feed additives. This is a unique opportunity for Finnish biotechnology competence.

Biosafe is able to fulfil the order thanks to its excellence in biotechnology, international networks and specialisation in the safety assessment of additives in animal feed. Biosafe Ltd operates in the global market and has an export rate of around 80%. The company currently employs 10 people. The objective of Biosafe Ltd is to be its industry’s leading company in Europe by the year 2020.

Feed additives are biotechnological hightech products. Approximately 200 new or improved feed additives are annually introduced to the European market. Different kinds of feed additives have major commercial significance for the feed industry. The use of feed additives aims at enhancing the nutrient intake of livestock, maintaining the animals’ health and reducing related environmental harm. Feed additives also reduce the use of antibiotics. The consumer is the final beneficiary. The use of feed additives is already carefully monitored in Europe. The EFSA (European Food Safety Authority), an agency of the European Union, is in charge of monitoring the safety and market authorisation procedure of additives used in animal feed.

There is a huge need for improving the efficacy of feed use both in the feed industry as well as in primary agricultural production. The total annual production of the European feed industry is around 150 million tonnes. Turnover of the European compound feed industry is estimated at 50 billion €. The use of animal protein grows by 1.7% each year. The global animal feed production should be growing significantly faster.

“This is a major deal for us. We are taking a giant leap towards our goal. The deal will make the company more well-known and increase its appeal as a partner globally. This is an example of Finnish export of services at its best. Our main market area is Europe. Within the previous six months, we have also attracted new customers from the United States, Japan, India, China, Singapore and New Zealand. The prospects for Biosafe Ltd’s export of biotechnological services are highly promising”, says Petri Pietikäinen, Chairman of the Board of Biosafe Ltd.

Further information:
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Chairman of the Board
Biosafe Biological Safety Solutions Ltd/Oy
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