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News and challenges in EU risk assessment. Online interactive seminar series


Microorganisms are used in the food chain as well as production organisms or viable microorganisms. This 4-part series of online, interactive seminars provides an overview of the relevant regulatory bodies within the EU, with an emphasis on the use and regulation of microorganisms in the food chain. The new EFSA regulation concerning transparency and sustainability in the food chain and its consequences will be addressed in depth. Further, questions and problems that are regularly encountered by the applicants will be considered at the practical level.

In case of technical problems, please contact teemu.kuhmonen@biosafe.fi.

Program and schedule

Timeslots for questions and discussion are available during and after each talk. Questions can be asked throughout the interactive seminar. If you would prefer to ask a question anonymously, please send your question(s) to info@biosafe.fi as early as possible.

Upcoming events


Let´s continue this learning initiative in 2021

After the fantastic response to our online seminar series in 2020, we are looking forward to continue this learning initiative in 2021. If you have a topic in mind or would like to discuss any ideas for our seminar series, please get in touch directly with pauliina.halimaa@biosafe.fi right away!

Past events

September 16, 2020:
9.00-10.30 CET
(10.00-11.30 EST)

8.45 Welcome and webinar instructions. Please join the seminar to make sure the connection works
9.00 Risk assessment of microorganisms intentionally used in the food chain with a focus on feed additives Dr. Montserrat Anguita (EFSA)
9.45 Qualified Presumption of Safety: Can my microbe get a QPS status and what should I do to get it? What is the advantage of having the status? Lieve Herman (ILVO, Belgium, Chair of the EFSA QPS working group)

October 14, 2020:
9.00-10.30 CET
(10.00-11.30 EST)

8.45 Welcome and webinar instructions
9.00 Case of microbes/microbial products in feed additives
Prof. Atte von Wright (Biosafe)
9.45 Quality criteria for analytical studies
Dr. Jouni Heikkinen (Biosafe)

November 12, 2020:
9.00-10.30 CET
(10.00-11.30 EST)

8.45 Welcome and webinar instructions
9.00 Genes of concern (primarily concerning AMR) Prof. Sirpa Kärenlampi (Biosafe)
9.45 Absence of cells, presence of DNA; sampling and other things to consider
Dr. Pauliina Halimaa (Biosafe)

December 10, 2020:
9.00-10.30 CET
(10.00-11.30 EST)


Welcome and webinar instructions


Transparency regulation, what are the consequences for the industry? 
Ruud Bremmers, (Managing Director, Regal B.V.)

9.45 Whole genome sequencing and bioinformatics analysis; new guidance from EFSA; how to understand/use the data; what can WGS achieve/not achieve Dr. Jenny Makkonen and Dr. Daniel Blande (Biosafe)

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