Biosafe continues to serve normally amid COVID-19

Biosafe continues to serve normally amid COVID-19

Biosafe has made strong preparations for the effects of the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic. We will continue to serve our customers normally, and we are available and can be contacted as usual. Please note that sample delivery may be delayed. We are actively following the regulations given by authorities, and we will inform our customers if we need to change our delivery or customer service policies. Thank you for your cooperation and support.

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Regulated microbes and their products: news and challenges in EU risk assessment, 16-17 September, 2020, Helsinki, Finland

Regulated microbes and their products: news and challenges in EU risk assessment, 16-17 September, 2020, Helsinki, Finland

Please note that the event has been postponed to 16-17 September.


Microorganisms are used in the food chain but also elsewhere as production organisms or viable microorganisms. This info session provides an overview of the relevant regulatory bodies within the EU, however, having the emphasis in the feed and food chain. The new Regulation on the transparency and sustainability in the food chain and its consequences will be opened. Some problems and questions that are regularly raised by the applicants will be considered at the practical level.

The event will help you to understand the requirements from EFSA and to register your product in a more effective way. The event is important for industry leaders and registration specialists to be ahead in product development and registration.

Participation fee 1500 €. Early bird -10% until 7 August.

The fee includes meals, refreshments and the event material. Cancellations by 1 September with 10% administration fee. Payment is due within 30 days upon receipt of the invoice or prior to the event, whichever is first. In the unlikely event that the event is cancelled Biosafe is not responsible for airfare, hotel or other costs incurred by registered delegates.

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Tentative program

Day 1, Wednesday, September 16
12.00 Registration and lunch
13.00 Welcome, Biosafe
13.15 Transparency regulation, what are the consequences for the industry?
Ruud Bremmers, Managing Director, Regal B.V.
14.00 Assessment of microorganisms in additive applications
Dr. Monserrat Anguita, EFSA
14.45 Genes of concern (mostly about AMR)
Prof. Sirpa Kärenlampi, Biosafe
15.30 Discussion and refreshments
16.15 Qualified Presumption of Safety: Can my microbe get a QPS status and what should I do to get it? What is the advantage of having the status?
Lieve Herman, ILVO, Belgium, Chair of the EFSA QPS working group
17.00 End of day one
Evening program in Helsinki
Day 2, Thursday, September 17
8.30 Refreshments
9.00 Lactic acid bacteria in human and veterinary infections, a cause of concern?
Prof. Atte von Wright, Biosafe
9.45 Quality criteria for analytical studies
Dr. Jouni Heikkinen, Biosafe
10.30 Importance of sampling: absence of DNA, absence of cells
Dr. Pauliina Halimaa, Biosafe
11.15 Lunch
12.00 Whole genome sequencing and bioinformatics analysis; new guidance from EFSA; how to understand/use the data; what can WGS achieve/not achieve
Dr. Jenny Makkonen, Biosafe
12.45 Questions & Answers
13.30 Refreshments and discussion
14.00 End of day two

The event venue
Housed in a historic red brick warehouse, Sipuli is an exceptional and versatile restaurant and events venue.
Kanavaranta 7, 00160 Helsinki, Finland (view on map)

Check out our hotel suggestions
Note Sokos Hotel Vaakuna, Helsinki. Special price until 1 September 2020.

Organized by:

More information
Pauliina Halimaa
+35840 640 3225

Pauliina Halimaa appointed as Managing Director of Biosafe starting 1.3.2020

Pauliina Halimaa appointed as Managing Director of Biosafe starting 1.3.2020

Pauliina Halimaa, PhD, has been appointed as Managing Director of Biosafe Oy as of March 1, 2020. Pauliina has been with Biosafe for over three years, during which time she has built a bioinformatics service for the company; for the last seven months, she has been the company’s Business Director. Halimaa studied Forest Economics and Marketing and holds a PhD in Plant Biotechnology from the University of Eastern Finland in Kuopio. Through this research, Halimaa became acquainted with bioinformatics and genomic analysis, which are the basis of Biosafe’s activities. The combination of Halimaa’s work experience at Biosafe and commercial and bioscience skills provide an excellent backbone for the new CEO.

“It is important for me to put the customer at the center of our business – our customers are most important and they must be well taken care of. It is equally important for me to take care of our teams and create skilled teams in our work community. I want to enable our employees to succeed. Our goal is to increase sales and grow as a company, and I believe that with these factors we have a good chance to accomplish all our goals,” says Halimaa.

Biosafe Oy, founded in 2014 in Kuopio, Finland, and still operating there, is a growing company focusing on safety assessment of feed additives, food enzymes and -microbes as well as microbes used as biopesticides. The company’s turnover in 2019 was about €900 000, showing an increase of +50% compared to the previous year. The company’s core expertise is to investigate the safety and to help authorize new ingredients developed by food and feed industry customers. Biosafe aims for strong growth every year. The target for 2020 is to grow by +50%.

Petri Pietikäinen, Licentiate of Science (Agriculture and Forestry), Chairman of the Board, who has acted as CEO until now, will focus on managing the company’s Board of Directors, financing, risk management, and strategy work.

Biosafe – Biological Safety Solutions Oy/Ltd. is a contract research organization (CRO) that provides research services based on microbiology, bioinformatics and cellular and molecular biology as well as consultancy to ensure product safety at various stages of product development. The company operates in accordance with the SFS-EN ISO/IEC 17025 quality standard.

More information:

Pauliina Halimaa
Managing Director
+358 40 640 3225

Petri Pietikäinen
Chairman of the Board
+358 40 728 4350