Biosafe – Biological Safety Solutions Ltd/Oy is a contract research organisation (CRO) at the absolute cutting edge of safety applications in biotechnology. Our core competence includes the use of cell and molecular biology, microbiology as well as diverse biotechnological approaches in product safety research. Biosafe Ltd provides biotechnological services and consultations to ensure product safety and promote competitiveness. We can test products at the different stages of product development, all the way up to the final product aimed at customers. We are specialised in the safety assessment of feed additives and completion of authorisation processes. Our operations follow the SFS-EN ISO/IEC 17025 quality standard. Check out our video below.

Our services

Watch our video about safety assessment of feed additives

Biosafe’s services provide your company with



Biosafe’s safety assessments provide an alternative for animal testing. We grant for products whose safety has been confirmed.



Biosafe’s feed additive safety evaluations and consultations enable a controlled authorisation process for your product. The authorisation process will progress as expected, which allows quick introduction of the product to the market.


Standing out
in the market

Biosafe provides both expert services and innovative solutions for setting products apart, strengthening your brand and also fast track to new innovations.